Breakfast and AM/PM Tea

*prices exclude gst



Blueberry & Cream Cheese, Ham Cheese & Dijonnaise, Tomato Cheese & Rocket Leaves

$50.00 (10 Pc)

Bread Fingers (GF available)

Fruit and Nut/ Banana/ Raspberry and Pear

$28.00 (10 Pc)

Caramel Slices

$28.00 (10 Pc)

Chocolate Croissants

$30.00 (10 Pc)

Chocolate Lamingtons (GF available)

$25.00 (10 Pc)

Cookies (GF available)

Macadamia/ White Chocolate/ Triple Chocolate/ Anzac

$25.00 (10 Pc)

Mini Danishes

Apple/ Apricot/ Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Cinnamon/ Custard

$25.00 (10 Pc)

Scones - Classic, Dates, Chocolate

Served with Fresh Cream and Jam

$30.00 (10 Pc)

Mini Cupcakes (GF available)

$25.00 (10 Pc)

Medium Cupcakes (GF available)

$30.00 (10 Pc)

Fruit Skewers Drizzled with Dark Chocolate (GF)

$25.00 (10 Pc)

Yogurt with Fruit/ Muesli (GF available)

$50.00 (10 Pc)

Assorted Cake Slices (GF available)

$35.00 (10 Pc)

Brownies (GF available)

$35.00 (10 Pc)

Mini Vanilla Slice

$22.00 (10 Pc)

Mini Pancake Stack (GF available)

$35.00 (10 pc)

Pancakes Box

Served with Maple syrup, Fresh fruits and Whipped cream

$40.00 (10 Pc)

Waffles Box

Fresh waffles served with Whipped cream, Maple Syrup, Chocolate and Berries 1pc pp

$40.00 (10 Pc)

Fruit Platter (GF)

$40.00 (10 people)

Mini Frittatas

Melt in the mouth cheese muffins with zucchini, red roasted pepper and fresh herb

$28.00 (10 Pc)

Fresh Croissants

Served with Jam

$30.00 (10 Pc)

Croissants with Fillings

filled with Ham, Cheese, Rocket leaves OR Cheese, Tomato, Rocket Leaves

$40.00 (10 Pc)

Devilled Eggs

Filled with mild mustard and creamy mayo egg yolk and topped with crispy bacon and fresh herbs

$15.00 (10 Pc)

English Muffin with Egg and Bacon (GF available)

$50.00 (10 Pc)

Scrambled Egg Wrap (GF available)

Served with Avocado and Tomato Slices

$70.00 (10 Pc)

Spinach and Ricotta Pastizzi

$28.00 (10 Pc)

Grilled Cherry Tomatoes & Avocado Smash Bruchetta

Topped with feta and Chilli Flakes

$90.00 (10 Pc)

Sliced Avocado and Boiled Egg Roll (GF available)

In Seeds and Grain Roll

$60.00 (10 Pc)

Chorizo and Egg Canape

$30.00 (10 pc)

Egg Breakfast Bowl (GF available)

$60.00 (10 pc)

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